PROs and CONs of Having a Virtual Assistant Compared to a Real, Physical Management Assistant

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PROs and CONs of Having a Virtual Assistant Compared to a Real, Physical Management Assistant
karl Hopson, Other, Bangladesh

Are you in need of some specialized or occasional assistance to grow your business? Working with a virtual assistant can be the perfect solution when you need ongoing help. Bellow I mention some PROs and CONs of having a virtual assistant compared to a real, physical management assistant. It is the major reason you can hire virtual assistant
1. The effectiveness of your working relationship with a VA would depend on the effectiveness of your communication. But it is easier to communicate with real management assistant
2. Time zone differences. Assuming you can contract the services of a VA outside your time zone. You can't do this with real management assistant
3. Your administrative staff isn't in the same office as you. But real management assistant are in the same office.
4. Virtual staff comes with their own computer workstations, equipment and software: no extra office space, no extra desks, no computers and no software licenses required. But for real management assistant, you need to set everything those are costly.
5. Virtual assistant works from other place, then how can you be sure that s/heís working accurately. But you can know about working by communicate and also by various technology. But for real management assistant, it is easy to check it out.
6. You can monitor your virtual assistantís work progress through time tracking tools and communication tools like instant messaging. For real management assistant, you can monitor by yourself or face to face.
7. Virtual assistants are motivated to perform so that you give them a good referral or call on them for future work. Theyíre determined and dedicated. For real management assistant, They are working look like: he need to do thatís why s/heís doing.
8. Paying by the hour But for real management assistant you need to pay on monthly basic which is expensive.
There are a lot of point I have about that.Because of limite I can't post. 15-2-2017



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