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12manage Very Good Research Source

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Olive C. Paraiso, Business School Marketer, Philippines
12manage is a very good research engine that can give you unconventional understanding of various topics. Once you become a member, you'll always be looking forward to share your very fresh thoughts and experience for all members's consumption. These are real time issues at hand, therefore, it is very valuable to others caught in a trap of the same corporate dynamics.

12manage Very Comprehensive Research Site
ROBERT OUKO, HR Consultant, Kenya
I agree 12manage is a very useful site for comprehensive research. Particularly the exposition on various leadership styles, theories and realities. And change management, which has recently become the in-thing in many an organization that wants to embrace modern technology and achieve a competitive advantage.
12manage is a Tonic Water to Managers
Ramji Sharma, Professor, Nepal
Really an excellent site where you can find the solution of various management intricacies and can help others too. It is a site where one can get 2 + 2 = 5. I really like it.
12manage Great to Get Opinions for Research
musara enias n, Student (University), Zimbabwe
It's a good forum for students to get opinions and ideas especially on researches. I am one person who owes my success to this site. I like it.
Cross Culture Exchange of Ideas on a Wide Variety of Issues on Management
Lenyatso, Teacher, Botswana
It is a very useful forum for cross cultural exchange of ideas on a wide variety of issues on management and productivity. The issues are topical and I have found them very useful current management challenges. It provides 'just on time' management and current leadership techniques from a broad spectrum of contributors.
Thank you.
Essential Resource for my Scientific Thesis
Sokolova Tatiana, Analyst, Russian Federation
I find 12manage a really helpful platform for professional networking, I can get live cases and opinions of managerial staff worldwide, which is an essential resource for my scientific thesis.
12manage is a tremendous supplement to theoretical journals and guru's books on management, even more...
An Invaluable Research Resource
Akuru Gabriel, Entrepreneur, Nigeria
12manage was to me a worthy jewel discovered during one of my e-tours on research URLs on the web... I must say that it has a lot of impact and is a panacea to myopic business mindset...
Thank you for the privilege.
12Manage Good Research Facility
Adrian Boucher PhD, Business Consultant, United Kingdom
I agree. I always make a point of recommending 12Manage to my Graduate Students. Their feedback has generally been extremely positive, so I shall continue to do so! Great resource and summaries of management theory and practice.
12manage is Useful Discussion Forum
Gandhi Heryanto, Director, Indonesia
I use the discussion forum of 12manage for my research topics that I am making for my PhD dissertation. I got many benefits and input from my discussion topic I started.
Thanks, especially to Jaap, a particularly good and helpful editor.
Very Good Research Site on Management
saja hadi, Student (University), Iraq
12manage is a very good site for people to do research, write their knowledge on different topics and help others.
Saja hadi
Researcher in project management
University of Technology / Iraq - Baghdad.
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