Incredibly Useful Social Network for Managers



Incredibly Useful Social Network for Managers

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Jean-Francois Landre, CEO, Canada
12manage is simply awesome! It stands out from any other network I belong to: valuable insights, great advice from other professionals, site's ease-of-use and, more importantly, a content refresher, as well as new, highly valuable business management material.

Reading Other Peoples Experiences
Sean . Lally, Manager, United Kingdom
I found the posts and references interesting and relevant to a project which I am in the process of completing (...). Great website, good innovation! I am really enjoying reading other peoples experiences, and agree the sharing of knowledge is of benefit to all.
Sharing Information Through Space, Time and Roles
Stefania Di Cristofalo, Coach, Italy
I like 12manage very much. It gives everybody the opportunity to share information breaking the wall of space, time, and roles. 12manage is a great idea to connect ideas building new ones. It is a powerful tool to frame management discipline complexity.
Excellent Network for Sharing Ideas
Z Motha, Manager, South Africa
12manage is an excellent platform for networking and sharing great ideas.
12manage, a Wonderful and Enjoyable Professional Network
DR.VIVEK DIWADKAR., Business Consultant, India
12manage gives good exposure and professional association. Its a way of continuous learning and gives an vivid view to always have holistic & comprehensive approaches to new topic being debated /discussed on forum as many sr. professionals are involved in this knowledge network of debate.
12manage is an Excellent Social, Professional and Managerial Network
M Y Zainudeen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka
12manage is an excellent social, professional and managerial network which provides a diversified approach to learn management and leadership principles.
I really enjoy the discussions going in the forum. Its very valuable. 12manage is an ocean of management knowledge.
12manage the Network for Strategic Management
Vongani Karel Nkombyane, Student (Other), South Africa
I find 12manage the best intermediary of the most professional positions at tertiaries and working managerial levels. I came across the website on my studies as I do a course in strategic management with the university of South Africa. I trust this network will take us to the next level.
12manage is a Great Network and Forum
Matil, Teacher, Suriname
A great network and resource to help me develop personally in many areas of interest and expertise and to learn from and with others! I have recommended this network to my networks too. Thank you to the entire 12manage team!
12manage Very Interesting
Shubhra Gabel, Manager, India
Hi, the site is very interesting and useful too. I was really delighted to discover 12manage. With best regards, shubra.
12manage is a Useful Social Network
Adam Mohammed Baba, Director, Ghana
It is a useful and great social network. It is a unique learning forum. I am very much delighted to be part of 12manage.
12manage Invaluable for my Career Progression
Dino, Student (University), United Kingdom
Thank you very much for these pearls of wisdom. I will take these on-board.
In addition, thank you for providing an insightful hub that I find invaluable in academic and professional perspectives of my career progression.
It is a great way to collaborate, engage, connect, share and network.
12manage is the Best Knowledge Sharing Network I Know
chilufya chabu floyd, Student (MBA), Zambia
It a very good network that enriches me with knowledge which opens my mind in my studies, I really appreciate those that brought about this network idea. It is good, in fact very good.
An Executive Fast Track Indeed
FASESIN David, Manager, Nigeria
An online forum for knowledge builders... What a great opportunity to be part of this kind of networking...
Good initiative for knowledge sharing and people development.
Extremely Helpful and Authentic Interaction Platform on Management
VENKATESH, Manager, India
I have found it to be an extremely helpful and authentic platform for interaction on all critical issues of management.
I hope I too will be able to contribute to the progress.
Very Helpful Platform on Management Topics
Pholo, Other, South Africa
Also for me 12manage has been a very helpful platform on management topics and I always look forward to refreshing information from members. I will also definitely contribute.
Trusted Library for Management Indeed
Vongani Karel Nkombyane, Student (Other), South Africa
As Peter A.M. Broosus said in another discussion, 12manage is really the library for management. As I start with my second semester on Programme in Advanced Strategic Management, I am looking forward to consulting the site. I love it and trust that I'll get more knowledge about the Strategic Change and Strategic Risk Management.
My Idea About This Network
Bahman Norouzpour, Student (University), Iran
This network is excellent for both managers, studenta of management in any branch, and executive managers in any project or office.
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