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Vinutha Ajay, Student (MBA), United Arab Emirates
I have also taken up the 12manage premium membership for 6 months and feel ecstatic to have access to even more interesting and relevant resources and material.

  12manage Premium Membership
Peter Toffler, USA
I'm an independent HR consultant in the NY area. I have been using 12manage for several years now to quickly lookup terms etc. and decided to upgrade to a premium membership. Well... I am happy. This is a lot of value for just over $200...:
- For most topics they have expert tips, PowerPoints, videos and other resources available so I can prepare my work quickly without visiting the library.
- (At last) I can now copy, paste and print text and graphics in a simple way.
- Because of premium I'm ranking now at the top in the search results and my community. I'm probably getting more traffic to my profile page, LinkedIn and company website as a result.
I recommend premium if you're a consultant.
  What is the 12manage Premium Membership?
Jaap de Jonge (Editor), Netherlands
A Premium membership of 12manage will give you extra access to 4 major features:
1) Copy, Paste and Print. Use all text and graphs in your own presentations, trainings or workshops. For limited personal, educational and business use (republication on intranets and web sites is prohibited). There is a Powerpoint version available of the method pictures which you can customize to your own needs.
2) Access to 1000s of expert tips / in depth sources. Explore further, in-depth sources. Learn more from numerous expert tips, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. for each method. And use quick links to video clips, Wikipedia and the last news for each method.
3) Professional networking capabilities. Great for independent consultants, trainers. Rank higher in SIG, community and search results. And have links to your web site and LinkedIn profile. And promote a service offering on your personal page and in your SIG. Add and promote your trainings, events to 12manage. Perfect for independent consultants, coaches, speakers and trainers to reach a global management audience!
4). Extra Tools. Add your own content. You can add expert tips and upload your articles, presentations, spreadsheets and pdf files to all method pages. You can create your own web log and add your own ideas, methods, tools, views to 12manage. You can customize your management start page.
  Active Learning Portal in Management Practices
Chikezie Agwara, Nigeria
12manage Premium is an amazing well of knowledge and information resource deposit, with an active learning platform for networking and experience sharing of practical management practices from great minds.
  12manage is Modern Management Network
Ernest Opoku, MPM, Ghana
A good platform to share ideas with high class management professionals.
Premium gives me extra summarized expert information that I need to manage my business.
  12manage Premium #1 Trusted Library for Management
Peter A.M. Broosus, Netherlands
As international working consultant this knowledge base 12manage Premium helps me greatly as a referencing tool. It has become my number 1 dictionary and library for management tools. Keep up the good work.

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