Management Theory of Rosabeth Moss Kanter



Management Theory of Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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Julie Garnett, Other, United Kingdom
I am currently doing a Level 5 management course and we are looking at theories but I have to look at Kanter but cant find details of her theory. Can you help by sending me some information please?
Regards, Julie

sherring-lucas , dental lab owner, United Kingdom
Look using Rosabeth M Kanter. Harvard lecturer. Hope this helps
Leadership Theory of RM Kanter
Daniel Mitchell, Singapore
Guide to management theory of Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Understanding Kanter's change model to Patricia Flinsch-Rodriguez, freelance writer, self-employed
Rosabeth Moss Kanter has written extensively on the subject of change management. Kanter's management theory provides a framework that you may use to improve your organization's efficiency.
Kanter's theory suggests that the way an organization operates is an integral component in how employees derive their attitudes and behaviors. The Moss Kanter theory proposes that employees exhibit different behaviors based upon whether certain structural supports were in place. The following precepts sum up the management theory of Rosabeth Moss Kanter:
1. Power is derived from formal and informal sources.
2. Staff requires access to resources to meet organizational goals.
3. Increase staff knowledge and skills and they will be more productive.
Julie Garnett, Other, United Kingdom
Thanks, I did manage to find a lot more about her. The presentation I did was too crammed with info because I wanted to tell everyone all about her ha ha.
Avoiding too Much Complexity
Tony Cross, Consultant, South Africa
Hi Julie, it's easy to get too complex or too crammed quickly. I find the secret is to continuously ask myself "what 3 things can I not leave out" and then use the approach that to add you must subtract. Wow, does this even make sense?
Power and Kanter
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States
The Change Masters was the first book on Organization Development I read, after meeting Frank Burns. Ed, Transforming Work. (Burns coined the phrase "Be all you can be" for the Army).
Kanter has revealed herself to be all about the personal accumulation of power in the corporate realm. In 1991, there was a purge in the HR community by people aligned with Kanter's perspective of people without it. Since then, HR has become the political arm of the executive suite. Ensuring a docile employee population and helping to justify the obscene ratio of executive compensation to floor wages; The irony is that many of Kanter's colleagues were active in (or, at least, sympathetic to) the anti-war movement and were committed early in their careers to doing good as an option to doing well. In 1991, Kanter traded in her ideals for a Buick. I am not a fan.
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