Examples of Hofstede Five Dimensions


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Examples of Hofstede Five Dimensions

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brenton smith, Business Consultant, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Can you please provide some examples of comparison between Toyota and General Motors or any two similar companies in relation to Hofstede's five dimensions of culture? Thanks

Examples of Hofstede Five Dimensions
PINAR MUTLU TURAN, Student (Other), Turkey
Toyota is Japanese, General Motors is American origin company. According to Hofstede we can take Toyota in the more collectivist side of organizational culture whereas General Motors is more on the individualistic side. In Toyota being a team is more important. However, in General Motors it is more important what individuals contribute to the organization.
Examples of Toyota and General Motors in Relation to Hofstede
brenton smith, Business Consultant, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Thank you so much for this information. It is really helpful. How do Toyota and General Motors compare in Hofstede's other four dimensions namely:
1. Uncertainty avoidance
2. Power distance index
3. Masculinity versus feminity
4. Longterm orientation.
Hofstede Dimensions Re: Toyota and GM
Catherine M. Bing, CEO, United States
See below country averages. Note that these are not necessarly indicative of Toyota or GM, but it is likely the cultural differences will be similar.
Uncertainty avoidance - US 46; Japan 92 (large difference here - Japanese have high need for certainty - as evidenced by kata's - "rules" for many things from how to arrange flowers to where to sit in meetings).
Power distance - US 40; Japan 54
Masculinity - US 62; Japan 95
Long term orientation - US 26; Japan 88 (largest disparity here)
If you want to measure your cultural profile on Hofstede's 5 dimensions, please contact me.
Cultural Dimensions
Ang Peggy, Manager, Malaysia
There are a few that you can read on. Many of you are familiar with Hofstede and Trompenaars. Schein, Brewster, Child and Schneider also have very good journals on cultures. Have a good reading as culture is interestingly confusing.:).
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