Examples of Great Servant Leaders



Examples of Great Servant Leaders

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C. Lynn Dowling, Student (University), United States
In studying the bible, the most concise history of the world and our existence, it becomes evident that the most amazing example of the Servant Leadership model is the servant leadership of the son of God, Jesus Christ.
Who, even though he was God in the flesh, did not count his equality with God a position to be attained, but gave us the greatest example of leadership in his servitude of the human race.
He emptied himself of all the authority that he held in heaven and became a servant on the earth so that he could understand what those who he would one day rule over experienced on a daily basis. He was the first and greatest undercover servant leader.
He even employed himself in the lowest job position in the Jewish community which was washing the feet of the master's guests.
He did this to show us how to interact with each other in interpersonal and business relationships.
If in our interactions with others we could serve each other then the greatest good of humanity and business would be attained.

Compare the Servant Leadership of Eleanor Roosevelt
Chris Olney, Student (University), United States
Although Jesus Christ is an excellent example of servant leadership, devoted to the betterment of others by example of servant hood, all other major religions express similar virtues.
It is interesting to see that indeed Jesus started without property or title, and while he grew up he was surrounded by the poor, the diseased, the common people of the day.
Now examine the example of Eleanor Roosevelt, born into wealth and title, who throughout her life, always sought to allow, through education and exposure, the ongoing improvement of the human condition.
Judeo-Christian Values and the Children of the Book
Homer Ferguson, Other, United States
No one was more courageous or more concerned about the well-being of people than Jesus. (One could argue in favor the prophet Mohammed, to whom Jesus was the greatest hebrew teacher, but I am christian.)
Jesus lamented that part of human nature that seeks refuge from love in selfishness and that makes of the power one gains over others a virtue. That power is a virtue only when used in service of those whom Jesus commanded that we love.
The Servant Sergeant
Tony Helton, Student (MBA), United States
Servant leadership can be seen in many different religions throughout the world. Did you know that the term 'Sergeant' as it applied in the military comes from the Latin term for servant or to serve?
Practice of Servant Leadership
Greg Johnson, Partner, United States
Servant Leadership is a wonderful leadership concept without ego. Comments in this section are very interesting in light of most religious organizations performing in a hierarchical manner versus the message being espoused through Block's theory.
The REMOVAL OF EGO is central to this leadership/management style. It is similar to the ideal transition of Maslow's pyramid structure to an inverted model, where the top point/person is in the bottom position looking up at the growing range of responsibilities for people and outcomes. Such model is somewhat consistent with Servant Leadership.
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