Difficulties to Apply 14 Principles of Henri Fayol


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Difficulties to Apply 14 Principles of Henri Fayol

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Bridget, Zambia
What difficulties can a manager confront today if he/she tried to implement the principles of Fayol as they were originally stated?

Don't use 14 Principles for Flat or Network Type Organizations
David Wilson, Manager, Canada
Consider the type of the organization, the nature of the leadership, and the structure. If it is a highly centralized structure, with no flexibility, and top-down supervision, the manager maybe able to implement the principles. If the organization structure is flat or based on networks or on teams, the manager may have more trouble implementing the principles, such as unity of command.
Applicability of 14 Principles
Samlal, Student (University), Trinidad And Tobago
Fayol's principles are just that, principles. He does not give any indication as to what is the best method used in applying the principles.
14 Principles not for Start-up Companies
LEO V DEWRI, Financial Consultant, Bangladesh
These 14 principles are fitting with an existing business organization. But they are not a good fit with start-up companies. Because new start-up businesses are more chaotic then existing ones.
Analysis and Evaluation
Dino, Student (University), United Kingdom
There is one limitation to the 14 principles of management and that is analysis and evaluation, in terms of: are managers managing efficiently & effectively, are they fulfilling the organisation's mission, values, objectives, customs & beliefs. Therefore, in my opinion finding answers to these factors will help you establish management effectiveness.
Analysis and Evaluation
Rajan, Student (University), Malaysia
I think managers' effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling the organisation's vision, mission, values, objectives, customs & believes is based on the unity of command that was stated by David Wilson. If the is firm based on decentralization, it needs cooperation from the sub-leaders to achieve those factors.
Managers Difficulty
Sachin Narayan Nagle, Manager, India
These 14 principles are difficult to implement when the company is having complexity in interlinking of two or more entities within the same group or corporation.
Application to Organization Based on Size
David Wilson, Manager, Canada
Smaller organizations may have more difficulty implementing all 14 principles, especially if they are a start-up enterprise. However, I think the principles are a good foundation for any organization to use.
Delegate as per the Management Principles, Not Situational
Sachin Narayan Nagle, Manager, India
@Dino: I would like to add certain points.
While applying the principles of management, a HR manager has to work and control all the functional managers and ask them to work and delegate as per the management principles not as per the situation. The situation causes chaos and unfavourable confusion in the work environment and hence the direct reportee then faces the challenge how he/she should carry out the task and is more confused.
Management Principles
Dino, Student (University), United Kingdom
@Sachin Narayan Nagle: in some organisations there is management myopia where managers fail to analyse and evaluate their work and their team/department effectiveness holistically.
Successful teams and/or individuals, at whatever level, understand their roles, responsibilities, the organisations objectives, values, beliefs, missions and visions.
In order to leverage engagement, participation and involvement at all levels, effective communication is required regularly from middle, top and senior management. Without this how do the functional levels/departments understand what they are doing right or wrong?
In addition to this, sometimes what one person may perceive as doing something effectively and efficiently, another may perceive the entire opposite.
As a result, effective and efficient managers, in my opinion, perceive the micro-meso-macro organisational environment holistically leveraged by team-working, open-door communication and education (academic and professional).
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