Implications of Delegation


Centralization and Decentralization

Implications of Delegation

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Christopher Kayongo, Project Manager, Sudan
How can one evaluate the implications of delegation in private companies, NGOs, and public companies?

Evaluating the Implications of Delegation
Sergio Leite, Analyst, Brazil
It depends on what you want to evaluate. Through results, in any organization the delegation bears fruit from situations created by volume and activities complexity.
These activities must be determinated by the organizations' plans and the plans must be formed by objectives and goals. Yet goals must be set so they can be measured.
So by measuring the attained goals, we can measure the quality of delegation in the view of desired results by the company, once that good results are achievements performed by good making-decision processes and the way what delegation was done.
On the other hand, we must consider human behavior and hence each organization must appraise its delegates and define its own system to verify the quality of relationship between them and other employees, concerning questions like trust in subordinates, time to accomplish tasks and constantly overdue tasks, for example. I hope I have contributed a little.
Evaluating Delegation: Accountability
Jorge Rivera Pizarro, Consultant, Costa Rica
Accountability is the key word for successful experiences of decentralization of any kind. If terms and mechanisms of accountability are set up, evaluation of process, results and connected implications should be an easy matter.
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