What is Physical Evidence in Extended Marketing Mix?


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What is Physical Evidence in Extended Marketing Mix?

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Paul, GB
I've read and re-read the meaning of Physical Evidence but it's still gobbledigook. "The ability and environment in which the service is delivered": Who can give some further explanation and examples? Thanks...

Examples of Physical Evidence
RayC, UK
In a service oriented business the physical evidence could include, your offices, reception, marketing literature, proposals, case studies, project reports etc.
How your business is physically represented to your potential client.
Physical Evidence for a Hotel
Gayle, UK
The ability and environment... imagine the reception of a five star hotel, here physical evidence is all around you…
Physical Evidence is also the Receipt
Weiye, Singapore
Physical Evidence also refers to the receipt you received after you've paid for the service.
It serves as a reminder that the product (a service in this case) has been consumed.
As we all know, the types of receipt issued vary accordingly. Why? The marketing people realised that these physical evidence are part of the product.
Physical Evidence is also Testimonials
James, Australia
It could also be written customer testimonials that reinforce the quality of the service being provided.
Physical Evidence is also Front Line Employee behavior
Adrian, Ireland
How the staff look and interact with the customer. What the service looks like can also include the employees attitude towards the customer.
Physical Evidence: Vouchers
Gareth, UK
Guys, read your marketing books properly. Services need physical evidence to show that they exist, such as vouchers etc.
Physical Evidence for Services is Tangible Aspects
Kev, GN
Physical evidence within a service context are the tangible aspects around the service supporting it...
It might be the signs in a shop or an airport, it may be written communication between you and an insurance company (suppose you receive a letter from your insurer that has many spelling mistakes - it reflects on the service perception).
Physical Evidence allows Customers to judge Quality
Mohit Garg, india
How is the service being delivered? Physical Evidence is the element of the service mix which allows the consumer to make judgements on the quality of the servce.
Physical Evidence not for Products. Unless...
Damil Alam, Bangladesh
Physical Evidence is the physical proof of the service. It is said that for physical products, it is bit redundant unless they include some service as well, such as after sales services.
Physical Evidence in Healthcare
Tsitsi Tete, Zimbabwe
Assume that you are in the waiting room of a doctor. The waiting room has spider webs, torn chairs, exposed bricks and traces of dirt on the wall.
What will be your judgement of the service that you are likely to receive? Physical evidence encompasses the above attributes as these help one's perception of the service.
Physical Evidence = Presentation
Ryan McMinn, Business Consultant, United States
I believe that the word “Presentation” would best describe the 7th P as it incorporates most of the comments everyone has suggested and it represents the original definition of "physical evidence”.
“Presentation” encompasses the following marketing mix ideas:
- the presentation of the product or service,
- the style in which the product/service is presented in,
- the packaging that presents the product/service,
- the environment in which the product/service is presented, and
- the attire of the presenter.
Presentation can also be differentiated from “promotion” in that “promotion” is communicating the brand image whereas “presentation” is continually defining the brand image.
“Promotion” could also be considered external marketing activities whereas “presentation” is an internal extension of the core value set.
Physical Evidence: Packaging of Apple Products
Edwin Velzel, Business Consultant, Netherlands
If you ever bought an Apple product (iPhone, iMax, etc.) you may have experienced what physical evidence is; they package their products like jewels, expensive watches or perfume. It is fun and exciting to unpack your new "present", which is evidence for the quality and fun-factor of their products.
Packaging of Apple Products ≠ Physical Evidence
Jaap de Jonge (Editor), Business Consultant, Netherlands
@Edwin, personally I do share your enthusiasm for the way Apple is packaging its products. Although it took me a long time to discover the 'special paper clip' I needed to insert the sim-card in my iPhone :-)
However do observe that packaging of products is normally considered to be part of the first P (Product), it's NOT physical evidence!
Physical Evidence
rika bialistock , Professor, Israel
I agree with Adrian that physical evidence is also what the customer is experiencing during getting the service especially when the service includes body and spirit treatment, like in vacation, clinics, hospitals, schools.
In these cases, the know how of the person who gives the service is a physical evidence and the atmosphere of the environment is complementary to the whole service experience of the customer.
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