We Naturally Regress to our Dominant Leadership Style!


Situational Leadership

We Naturally Regress to our Dominant Leadership Style!

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James L Mileur, Career Consultant, United States
It may be "... just a trivial fact of life that leaders have to behave differently in different situations".
But another "trivial" fact is that we "naturally" regress to our dominant style without constant vigilance to treat every situation as a unique encounter that will not be served by a "one size fits all" method.

Leadership Style Should Conform to Individual's (leader's) Personality
SATISH PANDE, Other, India
I believe a manager cannot switch on and off different leadership styles in different situations because he has a unique personality. If he tries contrasting styles, people will not take him seriously and he will be only an actor doing a role.
A leader has to lead his team, empowering and guiding them and not interfering. He needs to use a combination of styles which conforms to his personality.
Mintzberg's example of a conductor of an orchestra ("Covert Leadership") is the best example. Such a leader controls, coordinates, balances and also empowers his teammates, highlighting the performance of good, hiding the not so good and silencing those who are not up to the mark."
A person performing the role of a leader must absorb the meaning of all styles, he would automatically, reflexively react in the appropriate manner if his intentions are fair and true.
Different Strokes to Different Folks
Akshat Kumar, HR Consultant, India
On the other hand, having fair and true intentions is not enough.
You should speak to different folks in the language they understand and not necessarily in your mother tongue.
Similarly, if you want to take out the best performance from your team, adapt a leadership style that meets their need.
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