BCG Matrix is useless!


BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix is useless!

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John T., Greece
Totally useless (as a contemporary business tool).

marketing management
obaid ur rehman, pakistan
different example related to product in BCG
Strategic Management
Ronnie, Maldives
This model is for basic elementary level of Business School. We can not practice it in the real life business situation". Too bad. :(
BCG Matrix is useless!
Nitish, India
BCG has been widely used as a quick and dirty analysis tool. Cannot be dubbed as useless. It is much like saying "Vaccume tubes is useless"; Vaccume tubes gave way to today's VLSI technology.
BCG Matrix is Useful
Robin, Bangladesh
How could you say that? There are some limitations as all theory have. But it is a great analytical tool anyway.
BCG Matrix Critique
Nabanil Debdas, India
The BCG matrix can be 20% effective for any business. Business never runs on 2-dimensional fig-relative market share and market growth rate.
BCG Model Very Limited
Danny Vizueta, Ecuador
Excellent theory, but very limited in the real business world, if you are a medium or small company in the market that you are in, in spite that your products or business units have good performance, the results are going to be useless.
BCG Matrix - Use More Criteria for Assessing Market Attractiveness!
Botond Szalma, Other, Netherlands
I agree that the BCG matrix is simplistic in it's given form. However, the models' improved version, the so called GE model, or MABA, can give a very good insight about a product's internal as well as external standing. The criteria should focus on qualitative indicators instead of only quantitative ones like market. Share and growth. You as a strategist or researcher must assign the criteria that you think fit best to determine the product's market attractiveness, of course from the perspective of the company after careful consideration of the company's internal strengths and weaknesses. Executing this approach is realistic, and can be a good and realistic basis for decision making...
BCG Matrix Critique is Too Strong
Hamid Rezaei, Student (MBA), Iran
BCG is a flexible method rather than a merely business tool and therefore customizable to your needs. It's usefulness depends on the enrichment degree of the strategist's knowledge and experience, I think. It is not perfect but a good step forward for understanding many things about business interdependencies.
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